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IBM Garage

IBM® Garage brings together IBM Design Thinking, lean startup, agile DevOps and extreme programming to help you transform your industry. Using IBM Cloud Garage, you can learn how to create personas and user stories to understand pain points, prioritize backlogs to deliver the minimum viable product, and build user-experience prototypes. You also learn how to deliver incremental value and validate it with sponsor users.

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IBM Garage Methodology Explorer

The IBM Garage Methodology Explorer has demonstrated an understanding of the practices in the Garage Methodology. The individual has learned the phases in the methodology and the key practices in each phase, including the IBM Design Thinking, Agile, DevOps, and Analytics practices needed to help their team evolve their process and continuously deliver innovative solutions.

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IBM Cloud Garage Test-Driven Development (TDD)

The IBM Cloud Garage Test-Driven Development (TDD) badge earner has demonstrated the ability to complete the TDD loop to produce quality code. They develop code using pair programming to write a simple assertion, the test to prove that assertion and then the code to implement the required functionality. Once the test passes from red to green they then continuously refactor to improve the code itself.

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IBM Garage Method for Cloud Advocate

The IBM Garage Method for Cloud Advocate has demonstrated the ability to implement the IBM Garage Method for Cloud through hands-on experience using the tools that will allow them to implement the methodology with their team. The badge earner understands how to track and manage a project using a ranked backlog and a kanban board, use a toolchain and delivery pipeline to enable continuous integration and delivery, manage their deployed application, and analyze the usage of their application.

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IBM leverages the services of Credly's Acclaim platform, a third party data processor authorized by IBM and located in the United States, to assist in the administration of the IBM Digital Badge program. In order to issue you an IBM Digital Badge, your personal information (name, email address, and badge earned) will be shared with Credly's Acclaim platform. You will receive an email notification from Acclaim with instructions for claiming the badge. Your personal information is used to issue your badge and for program reporting and operational purposes. It will be handled in a manner consistent with IBM privacy practices. The IBM Privacy Statement can be viewed at IBM employees can view the IBM Internal Privacy Statement at


What earning a digital badge represents

A Digital Badge is a cross-industry recognition of technical knowledge and skills, which can be posted to your social and professional networking sites, as well as your digital signature. IBM Automation is supporting this new program, based on the Open Badge Standards, through the creation of a broad range of badged activities covering multiple subject matter.


IBM digital badges provide you with significant benefits:

  • Digital and easily shareable version of your credentials
  • Recognition of industry aligned skills
  • Globally recognized standard
  • Free access to a digital badge wallet for easy management of your badges
  • Secure and verifiable means of storing and publishing your credentials

How do I earn an IBM Automation badge?

In most cases, you will be required to complete a learning activity along with an end-of-course assessment. In some cases, you may be required to complete multiple learning activities and assessments, or submit evidence of your qualification depending upon the badged activity.


How do I get my badge?

After you have satisfied the necessary criteria, you will receive an email from Credly's Acclaim service ( within three to five business days, which will have instructions for accepting your badge. Click the Accept button in the email to claim your badge. You will be re-directed to Credly's Acclaim, the IBM badge program administration partner. If it is your first time earning an IBM badge, you will be asked to create a profile. You can then add the badge to your profile.

Credly's Acclaim is a third party badge administration partner for IBM that is widely accepted throughout the industry for issuing and managing verified and trusted digital badges. Credly's Acclaim uses your name and email address details (which are provided by IBM) to facilitate the badge issuing transaction process.

If you do not wish to claim your badge, simply ignore the email you receive from Credly's Acclaim service.